Submit Your Story

Become a BedPost Confessions performer! We are always looking for new voices—especially if stories like yours too often go untold. BedPost Confessions is an ALL-INCLUSIVE enterprise: we welcome storytellers of all genders, races, and sexualities.

Types of Performances

We most commonly feature readings of personal narrative, memoir, poetry, pros and fiction. We have also given a platform to: art and history lectures, burlesque troupes, dancers, live musicians, how-to and educational presentations, short films, short theater performances and stage readings, and standup comics. Anything else you can think of is fair game, too!

What Makes a BedPost Confessions Piece?

In a word, vulnerability. BedPost Confessions looks to humanize topics about sex. And while, yes, BedPost Confessions is a show about sex, your story doesn't need to be "erotic" per se (although we love well-crafted erotica), but it should pertain positively to sex and sexuality. We want stories that fit our mission of ethics, education, and entertainment around sex, sexuality, and gender. In addition, BedPost Confessions is also an outlet for the harder to share stories on topics such as birth, death, aging, mental illness, addiction and overall coming to terms with your truth. Consider telling your story from a political, humorous, creative, feminist, or educational perspective. Happy storytelling and confessing!

How to Propose a Story or Performance

Send a description of your proposed performance or story and include some context for us such as motivation: Have you been to the show? Has a BedPost performer inspired you to tell your story?
Final draft ready? Send along. Your submission should be:
•    A Word document that is
•    1,500 words or less and
•    double-spaced.

For context, each BedPost Confessions show is comprised of 4 performers. Each performer has 12-14 minutes on stage which if submitting a story is an average of 1500 words.

Email submissions to

The Review Process

Please allow two weeks for us to assess and respond.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept every submission we receive, and acceptances may be contingent upon an audition. Also, please be advised that we book our shows several months in advance, so acceptance of your piece could mean that you will be performing later in the year.