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Tribeza Magazine

February, 2016

"When it comes to sharing true tales of love, lust, and sexuality, BedPost Confessions producers Julie Gillis and Mia Martina agree on what makes for the most compelling stories: “Vulnerability,” they answer in unison. “We wanted to be able to humanize a topic and allow people to feel more comfortable talking about it, even if it’s just going back home and talking to themselves in the mirror,” Gillis says."

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Austin Chronicle Best of Austin 2015

"This year's been a year of heady experimentation for the BedPost Confessions crew. The groundbreaking show is now held quarterly, making room for new ventures such as (un)Spoken, a venue for the topics rarely touched upon in polite conversation (mental illness, pregnancy, the loss of love). We sense a pupal metamorphosis … a new becoming, and with it, even more opportunities to stun Austin audiences with the power of story."

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The Daily Texan

Storytellers share personal tales at (un)Spoken

November, 2015

"Sadie Smythe will be one of four storytellers sharing her story Wednesday night at the Spider House Ballroom during (un)Spoken, a new series from the producers of BedPost Confessions — an Austin-based group that hosts live shows aimed to increase dialogues around sex. Whereas stories submitted to BedPost Confessions are often humorous and entertaining, (un)Spoken approaches more vulnerable, sensitive issues."

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Austin Monthly

May, 2014

"Let’s talk about sex. That’s the premise behind BedPost Confessions, a storytelling show aiming to educate and captivate audiences with between-the-sheets tales that run the gamut from poignant and heartbreaking to hysterical and in-your-face shocking."

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Austin Chronicle Best of Austin 2014

"True personal stories told live onstage have never been more popular. National tours like Risk! and the Moth regularly sell out shows, and our own Bedpost Confessions presents a clever and titillating twist. Started in 2010, this monthly confessional storytelling show focuses intently on sex and sexuality from the likes of Adam Sultan, Ebony Stewart, Holly Lorka, our own Dr. Andy Campbell, and those powerhouse producers – Julie Gillis, Mia Martina, and Sadie Smythe. Bedpost lets the audience in on the game, giving them the chance to write their own confessions down and have them anonymously read onstage. Hearing Austinites' anonymous sexual confessions aloud? #blessed."

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Culture Map Austin

BedPost Confessions gets sexy at North Door

August, 2013

"Standing in line to get into BedPost Confessions at the North Door on East Fifth Street is the first indication that things are about to get a little weird. In the alley behind the venue, an eclectic collection of Austinites are gathering to witness Austin’s monthly storytelling event that celebrates all things sexy."

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Austin Chronicle Best of Austin 2012

"What's a more titillating delight than this monthly show run by the smart, sassy, and sexily literate Sadie Smythe, Julie Gillis, Mia Martina, and Rosie Q? Hear friends, neighbors, and complete strangers take the stage to dish on their own erotic lives between the, oh, steamiest readings by writers and musicians and actors and whomever else the quimmy quadrumvirate can coax into their revealing spotlight. You know you're in the right place, you omni-curious men and women, when the door prizes are brand-new sex toys and the crowd is no less likely to have tattoos of Bettie Page than they are of Shere Hite."

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Dallas Observer

Thoughts On Last Night's BedPost Confessions At Kessler Theater

July, 2011

"Events like BedPost Confessions remind me how much we're all missing out on if we don't see the fun, humor and excitement in letting it all hang out once in awhile."

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Dallas Voice

‘Bedpost Confessions’ tonight at The Kessler

July, 2011

"What would you do if your friend admitted to  being a prostitute? Or if your sister talked about having sex outside of her marriage with a 21-year-old virgin? Sexual talk outside of the bedroom can still be taboo, even in today’s desensitized world of fast hookups and Showtime melodramas. Bring up intercourse (or something far more intense), and most people will cringe or shy away. Tonight, it all comes out."

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SF Weekly

Sadie Smythe of BedPost Confessions Dishes About Open Marriages and Her First Orgasm

September, 2011

"On Thursday night at the Makeout Room, Sadie Smythe will share with San Franciscans the story of her first ever orgasm. SFWeekly thought maybe we should get to know her a little bit better first."

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