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BedPost Confessions Confess With Us

BedPost Confessions Confess With Us

"Between-the-sheets tales that run the gamut from poignant and heartbreaking to hysterical and in-your-face shocking"

—Austin Monthly Magazine


Sex: (almost) everybody does it and (almost) nobody talks about it—except at BedPost Confessions, a live storytelling series based in Austin, Texas. Whether the performers are funny, informative, political, or completely personal, the anonymous confessions from the audience are the stars of every show.


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"This is a church. Here we worship humanity, passion, and sexuality in any of its myriad forms."

—Audience Member


The Podcast

BedPost Productions is focusing on what it does best - live shows - and taking a break from podcasting. Please enjoy our podcast achieves. Selected from our live shows, each podcast features one storyteller bookended with anonymous confessions from the audience that are read (and often commented upon) during the evening. All BedPost Storytelling Productions are made accessible to deaf audience members by the fantastic interpreters from SOULumination. Though the interpreters are there to serve the deaf, they enthrall the entire audience with their beautiful expressions of American Sign Language. If you hear a roar of laughter and don't understand why, the interpreter may have stolen the show for a minute. 

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"Austin has it all, and Bedpost Confessions brings it all together for a funny and educational night about sex, sensuality, and human nature."

—The Austinist


BedPost Confessions

Real Sex. Real People. Real Stories.

Edited by Mia Martina and Katharine Hale

Selected from over 100 shows, BedPost Confessions: Real People. Real Sex. Real Stories. features 35 of the most heart-wrenching, hilarious, and titillating stories, both firsthand and fictional, about sex and sexuality from BedPost Confessions’ community of performers, which includes nationally recognized writers, musicians, and comedians, as well as local leaders in the sex positive community.
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Critical Praise

BedPost Confessions features performance pieces about open relationships, communication, sex addiction, fantasy, role play, relationships, pornography, parenting, teenage curiosity and creativity, the need to be loved, the need to be touched, trust, fetishes, sex education, cruising, masturbation, bondage, boundaries, and breaking points. No one holds back. (The Austinist)

"At its sexy, provocative heart, BedPost Confessions is about testing the boundaries of sexuality only to find that nothing is clearly defined; it's all left up to interpretation."

—Culture Map