We entertain, enthrall & educate audiences with a show unlike any other 

Smart Storytelling and ANONYMOUS confessing


Bedpost Confessions is an Austin, TX based, live show featuring smart storytelling and anonymous confessing. Stories heard at BedPost Confessions, as well as sister shows; (un)Spoken and Confess, all explore themes of humor, vulnerability, and emotional justice on varying topics. No matter the topic, the highlight of any BedPost Productions is the participation of the audience members sharing their own secrets in the form of anonymous confessions, which are read aloud during the show. The mission of BedPost Productions is to produce events that merge entertainment, ethics and education. Formed in 2010, BedPost Productions is lead by Julie Gillis, Mia Martina, and Sadie Smythe.

Find BedPost Confessions quarterly at The North Door in Austin, TX. Our last 2015 show was in October. 2016 dates are as follows: January 21st, April 21st, July 21st and October 20th. Tiered pricing.

Find (un)Spoken quarterly at Spiderhouse Ballroom in Austin, TX. The next and last 2015 show is November 19th. Dates for 2016 soon. $10

Find ConfessSF, on the third Thursday of the month at the The Oasis, in the heart of San Francisco's SOMA district. $15 

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Can't make it to a show? The BedPost Podcast features stories from all three shows and can be found on iTunes and Spotify

This is a church… Here we worship humanity and passion, and sexuality in any of its myriad forms, and beauty, vaginas, penii, and most importantly openness and fearless intimacy!
— Audience Member

The BedPost Confessions trailer.

You have produced a heck of a gem. Not only is it fun and humanity-affirming; I couldn’t help but think how paradigm shifting and shattering this would be in so many of the cities and states where I work.

You made my night and I left feeling more human.
— Samuel Chu
The impact of BedPost extends beyond the experience of the show. Afterwards, a group of us go to a nearby bar to further discuss the performances, the themes, and the door prizes (glass dildos!) The conversations that happen after the show are often just as powerful as the show itself.
— Amy Floca
BedPost is the only place in Austin where I can come and hear people talk about sex in a way that makes it ok. It’s changed my life.
— Audience Member
I was afraid to talk to my partner about sex. We came to BedPost, and it broke the ice. Now we talk about intimacy and nothing seems taboo.
— Audience Member