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Smart Storytelling and ANONYMOUS confessing

Between-the-sheets tales that run the gamut from poignant and heartbreaking to hysterical and in-your-face shocking
— Austin Monthly Magazine

BedPost Productions produces transformational storytelling events and workshops that merge entertainment, ethics and education. We believe deeply in the power of story to change individual lives and to create deep and sustainable social change. Formed in 2010, BedPost Productions is lead by Julie Gillis, Mia Martina, and Sadie Smythe.


Bedpost Confessions is an Austin, Texas based, live show about sex! The show features highly entertaining performances about sex, relationships, gender and more - combining  humor and thought-provoking wisdom in a fun and light environment. The highlight of each show is the participation of the audience, who have a chance to share their own secrets, wishes and regrets in the form of anonymous confessions.

(un)Spoken is the sister of BedPost Confessions and offers stories that are difficult to tell, personal explorations about nodal events in peoples’ lives like birth, marriage, divorce, and death. No topic is off limits, and  everyone is welcome to share with confessions that are shared during the show. This show has more support for audience members who are encourage to explore the concept of emotional justice while bearing witness to powerful stories told by courageous artists.

BedPost Productions also supports the production of festivals, workshops and can help you take your event into a new and transformational space. Do you desire a confessions event for your bachelorette party or other “mini-confessions" event? We can design a storytelling evening just for you.


Our team of producers are highly skilled facilitators having lead workshops on the topics of The Healing Power of Storytelling, Sexprov: How Improv Can Save Your Sex Life (and the world), Sex and Privacy In A Public World, Open Relationships And You, The Power Of Play, Sexuality And Spirit, and Writing Your Life. 


Need editing services? A writing coach? Would you like someone to help you navigate changes in your life through the power of story?  Our producers are highly intuitive, detailed, and exceptionally skilled in compassionate but courageous coaching. 

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I was afraid to talk to my partner about sex. Then BedPost Confessions broke the ice. Now we talk and nothing seems taboo.
— Audience Member